EXCLUSIVE: 'Big Lebowski' Jesus Spin-off 'Could Happen' But Not Yet, Say Ethan And Joel Coen

Who can forget The Jesus? John Turturro's crazed, pedophile bowler in "The Big Lebowski" is an unforgettable character, even with no more than five or 10 minutes of screen time. He's so popular that there's long been a rumor percolating that filmmakers Ethan and Joel Coen would break out a Jesus spin-off movie. Turturro is very insistent about it, as you can see in this video from back in June...

I'm afraid that the actor's excitement just isn't enough to spur the Coen brothers into action. There's always hope of course, but MTV's Josh Horowitz spoke with the siblings last week at the Toronto International Film Festival -- where they were promoting "A Serious Man," which hits theaters on October 2 -- and things are not looking good.

"We don't see it yet," Ethan said.

"That movie has more of an enduring fascination for other people than it does for us," Joel added.

Bummer. To the max. No "100 Minutes of Jesus" which, for the record, Joel thinks could be a good name for the movie. They do at least recognize Turturro's continuing interest in the project.

"Oh, he serious. He's on board," Ethan said.

"He's very serious," Joel added.

So Turturro, not joking. Coens, not interested. Not right now anyway. Ethan does go as far as saying that "it could happen," but it's probably best to put any hopes aside for now and for the forseeable future.

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