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Lea Michele Trades ‘Glee’ For ‘Sons Of Anarchy’

We got the deets on who the songbird is playing.

Well, one thing's for sure -- "Sons of Anarchy" is not afraid of some out-of-the-box casting going into its seventh and final season. The FX biker drama already has Marilyn Manson and Courtney Love on board for its final ride, but on Monday (July 28) news broke of its strangest addition yet -- "Glee" star Lea Michele.

Well, okay then!

FX told MTV News that Michele will play Gertie, an "empathetic truck stop waitress and single mother, who connects with Gemma during a difficult time." (Season six spoiler alert: Does stabbing your daughter-in-law in the head with a giant fork count as "a difficult time"? Yes/no?)

Keep in mind, while this casting might sound strange, this certainly isn't SoA's first time welcoming a kid-friendly star into its decidedly un-kid-friendly universe -- Ashley Tisdale played a call girl back in season five, after all. And on the "Glee" end, "Sons" star Katey Sagal plays Artie's mom, so Michele should be very well acquainted to how things roll in Charming by now.

The show's outspoken creator Kurt Sutter teased a huge casting announcement before Sunday's Comic-Con panel, but nothing was revealed -- maybe they forgot due to all of the crazy shenanigans they already have on board for the final season.