Jet's Second Album Slowly Taking Flight

New LP will be 'completely different' from Get Born, drummer says.

DEVORE, California -- For a band named after a high-speed aircraft, Jet are moving pretty slowly.

After taking much of the year off from touring to work on the follow-up to Get Born, Jet are just now hitting the studio, with their eyes on a March release.

"We're just taking our time and making sure it's five times better than the first one," guitarist Nic Cester explained backstage at KROQ-FM's recent Inland Invasion (see [article id="1509876"]"Beck Bashes, Barker Mashes, Shirley Clashes, Arcade Fire Smash At KROQ Fest"[/article]).

"There's no rush for it," bassist Mark Wilson added. "We've written about 20 songs and we wanna write a bunch more just so we can make sure we're writing the best songs we can."

The finished songs are, however, coming together nicely and leading the band in a new direction.

"It's definitely not Get Born, it's a completely different record," drummer Chris Cester said. "It's in a lot of ways more mature. I think first and foremost would be lyrically, we've taken giant leaps. We've lived two years, buzzing around the world, 250 shows last year. That's life experience right there. The idea of Get Born was just to kind of break out of where we're from, just bust out of there 'cause it wasn't much of a life, so we got that accomplished, we can't whine about that anymore. Now it's kind of introspective I suppose, but it's still biting and vicious."

Jet plan to work again with Dave Sardy (Marilyn Manson, Helmet) and will mostly record in Los Angeles. Song titles include "Born to Lose" and "Something Ain't Right."

"There's a beautiful, kind of Everly Brothers-esque song called 'Eleanor,' which is probably my favorite," Chris said.

On Sunday, Jet wrapped up an end-of-summer tour with Oasis at the Across the Narrows Festival in Staten Island, New York. "It's been heaps of fun, man, they're a really good bunch of guys," Nic said.

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