Are Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid Official Now?

It appears Zaygi has arrived.

So far, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid have played a very coy game with the rest of the world about their purported romance. Or like, at least a sort-of coy game.

About a month ago, the pair were first seen leaving an LA spot together and cozying up in a getaway car, and a week after that, photographers spied them holding hands while exiting that same establishment, sporting similar outfits (like old romantic pros).

But the two stars themselves have kept totally mum on their relationship -- until now.

On Sunday (Dec. 20), Zayn posted the pair's very first selfie to Instagram. And because they're both used to being snapped in classy visual aesthetics, the first taste of their romance comes as a black-and-white polaroid.

Is Zaygi officially here? It certainly appears so, and it's a good thing. We just ordered about 5,000 T-shirts and trucker hats with that 'ship name emblazoned on it, so they better be.

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