L.L. Cool J To Mix Sports, Sci-Fi For "Rollerball"

Last year, L.L. Cool J slapped on the shoulder pads for a role in the pro football flick "Any Given Sunday," and now it appears that the rapper-actor will slip into a pair of rollerblades for an update of the 1975 cult classic "Rollerball.

L.L. has signed a million-dollar deal to co-star with Chris Klein ("Here On Earth") in the new version of "Rollerball" being directed by John McTiernan ("The Thomas Crown Affair," "Die Hard") from a screenplay penned by John Pogue, according to "The Hollywood Reporter.

James Caan starred in the original "Rollerball," a sci-fi action-adventure film directed by Norman Jewison ("The Hurricane") and set in the not-too-distant future where corporations have supplanted countries and governments, and the violent game of Rollerball has become the global sport of choice.

In the planned remake, L.L. Cool J and Klein will portray superstar athletes in the year 2005 who rebel against their team's owner, a Russian businessman who

is willing to kill for higher ratings.

Rollerball" marks the second film project that L.L. Cool J has lined up for himself since the completion of Oliver Stone's "Any Given Sunday." In February, the rapper signed on to star in another flick, "Crazy Town," in which he's set to portray a teacher responsible for educating kids confined to a mental institution (see [article id="1431094"]"L.L. Cool J To Teach 'Crazy' Kids In New Film"[/article]).