Fun Lovin' Criminals Sign Brit Criminal To New Label

Those Fun Lovin' Criminals are starting their own record label, and the first signing is shaping up to be Reggie Kray, one of Britain's most notorious gangsters, appropriately enough.

The group's manager told MTV News that Kray writes poetry and lyrics and will be involved mostly as a songwriter on the label, which will be called DiFontaine Records. The exact name and nature of the project has yet to be determined, but FLC will be supplying the music behind Kray's lyrics.

Reggie, 65, and his twin brother Ronnie, who died in prison four years ago, were high-living celebrity crime bosses in the 1960s, known for their extortion and protection rackets and their showbiz connections. Reggie was sentenced to a minimum of 30 years in 1969 for killing another gangster. He has a parole hearing early next year, which could well lead to his release.

Kray's Fun Lovin' friends have been vocal supporters of Kray's bid for freedom. According to the British press, singer Huey

dedicated the band's John Gotti-inspired song, "King Of New York," to Kray at the recent Reading Festival appearance in England, changed the chorus to "Hey, Hey, free Reg Kray," and encouraged the audience to sing along.

The criminal sibs inspired the 1990 movie "The Krays," in which they were portrayed by brothers Gary and Martin Kemp of '80s band Spandau Ballet. As for Reggie Kray's previous forays into the pop world, he wrote an (unreleased) song with East 17 singer Tony Mortimer.

In addition to DiFontaine Records, the men of FLC are currently finalizing a real estate deal that will see them open their own New York-style restaurant in London. The group also owns a budding garbage truck business in New York called DiFontaine's Carting & Asbestos Removal Company.

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