Sia Soars On Her New Song From The 'My Little Pony' Movie

Songbird Serenade gets her big debut with 'Rainbow'

Sia's been relatively quiet so far this year, save for her adrenaline-pumping collaboration with Zayn Malik, her high-flying duet with Pink, "Waterfall," and her brief hang sesh on Sesame Street.

It was announced earlier this year that the camera-shy singer would lend her likeness — or, specifically, that of her iconic wigs — and her voice to My Little Pony: The Movie, and now we've got her first high-flying track off the animated feature's soundtrack.

"Rainbow" has all the hallmarks of a stellar Sia single: Empowering message, driving beat, and an infectiously catchy melody get a bright finish tailor-made for the film's younger audience. It's sure to be paired with a vibrant scene that shows the true colors of her character, Songbird Serenade. (No word yet as to whether or not an even littler pony will follow Songbird Serenade around to interpret her songs through dance as Maddie Ziegler tends to do for Sia, but we're not losing hope on that just yet.)

Catch My Little Pony: The Movie in theaters on October 6, and don't worry — you'll definitely be able to tell which pony is Sia by the angular, black-and-white bangs and amazing voice.