'I Used To Be Fat' Star Opens Up About Series Premiere

First episode, airing Wednesday (December 29), follows Gabriella.

Gabriella is ready to chronicle her struggles to lose weight and get healthier on MTV's "I Used to Be Fat." On the show, Gabriella, along with her trainer, Katie, learns to eat and exercise her way to a healthier weight before she heads off to college. With the show debuting Wednesday night (December 29), Gabriella said she's really excited for everyone to see how she slimmed down.

"On the show, you're gonna see just a normal high school senior and just the struggles that a regular high school senior goes through, but my story's different because I wanted to lose weight," she told MTV News. "You're just gonna see someone who struggles with everyday life and, on top of that, losing weight."

Regarding seeing herself on the first episode, Gabriella said, "It was weird, and it was kind of sad too. I saw it, and I was like, 'I was really that big?' I couldn't really believe it. It made me even more proud of myself because I saw how far I've come."

Gabriella said she had many people in her life cheering her on during the transition, and especially credited her mom for keeping her strong through the process.

"My parents were really supportive, and I think that's really important 'cause you need to have a good support system, and they were really happy for me," she recalled. "My friends were really, really supportive because they knew I always struggled with my weight and I always had a problem."

Looking back, Gabriella had a little advice for her former self: "I would tell her to get off the couch and get up and I could do it. I would tell myself to stay strong or be strong."

So, what tips does she have for others in her position? "The best piece of advice is: Just take it day by day," she suggested. "Because it's a process. It is hard, but if you stay strong and motivated, you can do it."

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