A Guy Who Hates Christmas Just Got Christmas Pranked So Hard

His room is like the Grinch's worst nightmare.

Every Who down in Whoville liked Christmas a lot, but the Grinch, err, Gareth Neary, does not. It took stealing from children and nearly being flung from a cliff by the weight of pilfered presents to get the Grinch's heart to grow. All Neary needed was a good holiday prank.

John French, Neary's friend, was stumped on what to get him for Christmas. And what do you get the man who hates everything? Nothing. You just wrap up the stuff he already has. All of it. French covered Neary's entire room in festive wrapping paper. The only things left unadorned were the ceiling, floor and door.

Neary, who had just returned to his home in Dublin after a 30-hour flight from Sydney, walked into his own personal Christmas hell. "This is the last thing I want," he said, hands on hips (much like you-know-who). OK, so maybe his heard didn't grow three sizes that day, but the prank is still pretty hilarious.

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