Descendents Put The Hardcore in 'Godmoney' Soundtrack

Batman And Robin may feature this

summer's most star-studded soundtrack, but

it's not the most hardcore.

That honor goes to the collection of music

for the upcoming film Godmoney, which

includes the punk rock likes of the Rollins

Band, Pennywise, the Descendents, Dance Hall

Crashers, Voodoo Glow Skulls, MxPx, Blink 182

and Down By Law. The album boasts 22 tracks,

eight of which are unreleased, and lands in

stores Aug. 12.

Godmoney marks the feature-length debut

for independent filmmaker Darren Doane, who

previously made a name for himself directing

music videos for bands such as Pennywise,

Dance Hall Crashers and MxPx. Sandy Sawotka,

spokesperson for V2 Records, which is

releasing the soundtrack, calls Godmoney

a "tough, gritty" film.

Rick Rodney of the band Strife (also on the

soundtrack), plays the lead role of a young

New Yorker fleeing west in an attempt to

leave his life of drugs and crime behind.

"Without giving away the end of the film, I

would say it does not work out well for

him," Sawotka said.

Godmoney will make its premiere at the

Toronto Film Festival in September, but

hardcore fans will get an advanced preview

on this summer's Warped Tour. The tour will

feature a Godmoney tent showing

15-minute movie clips, along with soundtrack

contributors Pennywise, the Descendents and

Blink 182 on stage.

The complete Godmoney lineup includes:

"Peaceful Day," by Pennywise; "Doing Time,"

MxPx; "Lucky," Descendents; "Tranewreck,"

Stavesacre; "Hollow," Chance 22;

"The Accomplice," Stanford Prison

Experiment; "Saying Goodbye Again," Rollins

Band; "Independence Day," Down By Law; "Hope

You're Unhappy," Farside; "Nuisance," Dance

Hall Crashers; "Voyeur," Blink 182; "Wake Up

Call," AFI; "Rusty," Slick Shoes; "A Day At

The Office," Guttermouth; "It's Not Me," Ten

Foot Pole; "Small Town Minds,"

MxPx; "You Don't Have A Clue," Voodoo Glow

Skulls; "Cutoff," Guttermouth;

"Sucking The Dust," Fireside; "Reject," Living

Sacrifice; "Untitled,"

Strife; "All Go Down," FAR.

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