'What Happened Last Night?' Debby Ryan Has No Idea In Disney Channel 'Hangover' Spoof

'JESSIE' star pays homage to the 'iconic' trilogy in 'Good Luck JESSIE: NYC Christmas.'

Worlds will collide on Friday night (November 29) when the casts of "Good Luck Charlie" and "JESSIE" come together in the Disney Channel special "Good Luck JESSIE: NYC Christmas."

After being accepted into NYU, Bridgit Mendler's character, Teddy, takes a trip to the Big Apple for a campus tour.

Subsequently, a slight diversion lands her at Jessie's --played by Debby Ryan --Big Apple penthouse, where the comedy ensues.

"We wake up Christmas morning with no idea where our Christmas presents have gone, what happened last night, no memory of the night before and there's a reindeer in the penthouse," Ryan told MTV News.

If this scenario sounds familiar, it's probably because you've seen it played out on the silver screen in "The Hangover" trilogy.

"We definitely love our spoof and homage episodes, we did an homage to 'The Shining' one Halloween and we did, um, actually this last Halloween we did an homage to 'The Shining' and we've done a 'Ghostbusters' one," she said. "Everyone that obviously makes the show are all TV and movie fans and 'The Hangover' is so iconic to my generation, which I love because, let me go back in time and tell you a Disney show is spoofing 'The Hangover' and I'd like you to tell me that is actually something that would happen."

But the pop culture references don't end with spoofing the movies. The series is also known for having cameos from some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

"We've gotten to do some really cool things on 'JESSIE' like having Adam Sandler guest star and Molly Shannon, and Kate Flannery from 'The Office' and people like that, we like to incorporate things from our generation, which is cool."

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