Millie Bobby Brown Isn’t A ‘90s Kid, But She Still Loves The Spice Girls

'You're never too young for girl power'

Millie Bobby Brown might not technically be a '90s kid, but she certainly is one at heart. The Stranger Things actor joined Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again star Lily James on The Late Late Show on Tuesday (June 18), and the two bonded over their mutual love for the Spice Girls.

We know what you're thinking: How could Millie, at just 15 years old, be such a diehard fan of a girl group that reached the height of their popularity before she was even born? Turns out, she's done her due diligence and educated herself on the group's history. And as Lily said, "you're never too young for girl power."

After Lily explained that she "fangirled so hard" at one of the recent Spice Girls reunion concerts, Millie chimed in to let her know that she's also a big fan of the iconic group, despite James Corden's doubts. "I watch their interviews just for fun sometimes," she admitted. Wow, who knew?!

Once it was established that they were all huge fans, Millie, Lily, and James all went on to reveal which member reigns supreme in their hearts. And no, they don't all agree. After Lily revealed that she's always loved Baby Spice, Millie shared that she has an affinity for Posh because, well, they have similar hair. "I've always been Posh, just because I've had the short hair," she said. As for the late night host? Well, he's more of a Mel B. kind of guy. "I'm straight up Scary Spice. No question."

And there you have it, folks! Millie just once again proved she's cooler than the rest of us by actually being a fan of a group that, like it or not, was a bit before her time. But the Spice Girls aren't the only thing she's knowledgable about. Apparently, the teenager is officially learning how to drive and, according to her, she's "really good." "I abide by all laws," she said. Hm, perhaps we'll be the judges of that whenever she appears on Carpool Karaoke. And who knows, maybe they'll sing some Spice Girls songs as well!

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