Angelina Jolie's Daughter Vivienne To Make Movie Debut In 'Maleficent'

4-year-old will play the child version of Princess Aurora opposite her mother.

As if we weren't already excited to see Angelina Jolie vamping it up as evil queen Maleficent in Disney's new spin on the classic story of Sleeping Beauty, the studio announced Wednesday (August 22) that Jolie's 4-year-old daughter Vivienne will be making her big-screen debut in the live-action adventure.

"The Walt Disney Studios confirmed today that Angelina Jolie's daughter Vivienne will play a minor role as the child version of Princess Aurora opposite her mother in 'Maleficent' which hits theatres March 2014," the studio announced via a written statement. "The live-action film explores the origins of Disney's most iconic villain, Maleficent, and what led her to curse Princess Aurora in Disney's animated classic 'Sleeping Beauty.' "

No word on how much screen time the role will warrant for Vivienne, or if her twin brother Knox will also appear in the film, but we'll likely see her in a flashback sequence or in "growing-up scenes" with her fairy guardians. The teenage version of Aurora will be played by Elle Fanning ("Super 8," "We Bought a Zoo").

Besides one stunning photo released of Jolie as Maleficent, we don't know much about her role except for the fact that she's been looking forward to it for a long time.

"I loved her when I was a little girl, she was my favorite," Jolie told MTV News in July 2010, adding that the role would be a great opportunity.

"Maleficent" will be Jolie's first acting gig in two years and also includes the acting talents of Sharlto Copley, Juno Temple, Miranda Richardson and Imelda Staunton.

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