'We're Savages': Will JWOWW's Boyfriend Survive Meeting Her 'Jersey Shore' Family?

Zack (aka 24) just faced sex jokes, 'piranhas' -- and Uncle Nino

Truth be told, we don't think we've ever seen Jenni this happy -- or say the word "boyfriend" so many times in a 24-hour period -- so it's only natural that she would want the decade-younger Zach (aka "24") to meet her Jersey Shore fam. Still, her nerves were on high alert, due in part to the behavior of the Seaside Heights crew.

"I'm super excited but low-key about to throw up, because now he's actually here to meet my roommates," she confessed shortly before the big intro. "I'm a little anxious having 24 in this environment. You never know what's gonna come out of my roommates' mouths, and that's the concerning part."

After hearing that Zack would be visiting the gang during their Vegas vacation, Ronnie quickly commented on the size of his balls.

"Jenni's boyfriend has got some big kahunas walking into this house, because we're savages. We're like f*cking piranhas," he said. "It's like throwing fresh meat into the pond."

Fast forward to 24's arrival, and Jenni urged everyone to "act normal" and be on their "best behavior." But what is that, exactly? Because normal for Angelina is sharting in cabs, and Vinny's best behavior as of late includes covering up with a c*ck sock.

So much for that request, as Zack was barely through the door when the jokes started flying, and the conversation quickly turned to the new couple's very active sex life -- one that took care of Jenni's down-there "cobwebs," so to speak.

"You brought out the freak in her that's been dormant for many years. Knock the dust off that," said Vinny, who also noted that Zack could have been better about taking their humor in stride. "Twenty-four isn't rolling with the punches, but it's just what we do. We break each other's balls."


But it wasn't until Uncle "No-Filter" Nino made an appearance that things took a turn for the AWKWARD. "What's up, Roger?" he greeted Zack, referencing Jenni's ex-husband.

"You're f*cking kidding me -- abort mission," JWOWW said. "I gotta leave."

Good luck with that, Jenni. Can Zack hack it with the roommates in Sin City, or will he get eaten alive? Find out during the rest of 24's Vegas visit next Thursday at 8/7c.