Twista Finishing His Kamikaze, Playing Mickey And Mallory With Lil' Kim

Chi-town rapper wrapping up his own project after collaborating with P. Diddy, Too Short, others.

"Hopefully this will go on and do platinum plus," Twista said Wednesday about his new LP, the long-talked-about Kamikaze.

"I want all the positives as far as me representing for my city and people acknowledging me on a higher level. There was a lot of personal and business pressure [recording] the first half of the album. I was going through a lot of legal troubles. The second half of the album, the pressure was released off me and I was just working, having fun with it."

The Windy City native, who has been making his rounds collaborating on LPs from everyone from P. Diddy and Timbaland to Disturbing Tha Peace and Too Short, said he was rounding the home stretch of his own project. He's planning to finally put it out early next year.

"It's pretty much finished up, coming out first quarter," he disclosed. "We got that 'Tattoo' single we're working now. As far as featured artists, we got Ludacris on there, Freeway on there and Too Short. Then I got production from Kanye West, Timbaland, my guy Toxic from Chicago and I got Jazze Pha on there.

"I'm down to my last two or three songs," he added. "[You're gonna get] that same Adrenaline Rush feel, but I slowed it down on some songs. I finessed it. I'm taking you back to the styles. Everybody is just rapping now, I'm taking you back to the styles."

He also has a few different choices of which cut to use for the album's first video.

"Right now it's the 'Tattoo' song, but it might be this song called 'Favorite Drink,' " he explained. "It's a comparison between women and my favorite drinks. Man please, I like Grey Goose, Hennessey ... Them my two favorite. I like all the chicks. That helped me on the song, 'cause I really wasn't prejudiced with the females. I like them tall, short, slim, thick, light, dark. That's where the comparisons come with the drinks. Light liquor, dark liquor. Short glass, tall glass."

One female who is feeling him on the music tip as much as he is digging her is Lil' Kim. Twista, who may also appear on Craig David's next LP, recently laid vocals for the rhyme siren's upcoming album.

"She's real cool, down to earth," he said of Kim. "We put it down the way two artists are supposed to. I think [the song] is gonna be called 'Thug Love.' It's about a guy and a female, on that thug sh-- together. You always hear about two guys going for something or two females going for something together. But it's like a guy and female teaming up on some Mickey and Mallory mode."

When he hasn't been in artist mode, the mouthy MC has been focusing on being an executive. His independent label, Legit Ballin, recently released Legit Ballaz: Respect the Game Vol. 3, a compilation featuring the company's artists.

"You can expect a variety of Chi-town flavor like you never heard before," he said of the project. "When you listen to that album you see it's a variety, it's a unique sound. Us as a label, us as a crew, we got different sounds than what's out there and we all sound different from each other. It's a trip to hear so many rappers that be around each other all day sound so different."