11 Burning Questions We Have After 'The Flash'/'Arrow' Crossover

On time travel, trick arrows, and secret hugs.

"The Flash" and "Arrow" wrapped up their annual (please, let it be annual) crossover event with time travel, farmhouse bantering, and more than a few hints at what new spin-off "Legends of Tomorrow" might look like.

But, as satisfying as the episodes were, they left us with more than a few burning questions about all three shows. Here are 11 questions we hope "The Flash," "Arrow," and "Legends of Tomorrow" answer sooner rather than later in their respective seasons...

How will the secret of Oliver's son come out?

The CW


Probably in the most painful way possible. Until then, I may be watching through my fingers.

Can we get some more trick arrows?

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boxing glove

Now that Felicity's magnetic arrow worked, can she design a whole line of unpredictably efficient trick arrows please?

Will Oliver ask Barry to travel through time to save the person in the grave?

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Now that Oliver knows about Barry's time traveling skills — like really knows about them past some flippant suggestion of the ability — it's hard not to imagine it won't come up post-one of Oliver's loved ones dying. Is that why Oliver couldn't look at Barry in the flash forward, or was it just because he was so distraught?

Will Cisco and Kendra ever see each other again?


OK, this is kind of a cheat question because we know via this Entertainment Weekly article that Cisco will appear on "Legends of Tomorrow" and the two will most likely hang out then. I just wanted to get in in here because I heart them so much.

What is Malcolm Merlyn thinking?!



Like, I know he just likes to scheme as a hobby, but usually his schemes just endanger entire cities, not entire worlds or timelines.

And how will this result in Savage's return?

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Because we know he has to return to cause problems on "Legends of Tomorrow." Will we see more of Merlyn's Savage-related machinations on "Arrow" or will Savage just pop up on "Legends" and explain his deal there?

How will Malcolm use the favor he expects from Savage?

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For me, this was one of the more random, but interesting pieces of foreshadowing in the crossover. When Malcolm scoops up Savage's ashes, he mentions that the "immortal" supervillain will owe him. This is the same episode in which he threatens Oliver if anything should happen to Thea. Does this mean Thea is the one in the grave? Would "Arrow" really be so bold as to use the Resurrect Thea story-line twice?

If Barry traveled through time, does this mean his speed is back to full power?

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run barry run

Or was this just a one-time, my city and everyone I love are being destroyed so I have to run really fast to save it, kind of thing?

Where was Ray?

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Ray Palmer

I got a little caught up in the Where Is Iris? of all of this, but it felt equally weird that Ray Palmer didn't join up to help Team Flarrow take down Vandal Savage — especially given that he will be part of the "Legends" team and is currently hanging in Star City.

What will the repercussions of changing the timeline be?

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Barry warned Oliver (and us) about them, but we're not really sure how this all works yet? Does the universe want Team Flarrow dead now? Is that a thing?

Does Barry give Oliver a secret hug every episode?

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barry oliver hug

If not, maybe he should? And, maybe, Barry can also whisper "Tell Felicity" in his ear while he's at it? Just a thought.