Blondie To Release First Live Album

New-wave pioneers to chronicle 1998 comeback tour.

New-wave pioneers Blondie will release their first live album in November.

Blondie Live, due Nov. 23, chronicles Blondie's 1998 world tour in support of No Exit,

and will include versions of the band's #1 singles "Call Me"


excerpt) and "Heart of Glass" (RealAudio


Blondie Live comes in the wake of the band's return to action

after a 16-year layoff. Blondie re-formed in 1998 with original members

singer Deborah Harry, guitarist Chris Stein, keyboardist Jimmy Destri

and drummer Clem Burke.

"I think bands work very hard for six to eight years, and then you become

less interesting to the market, less interesting to the record company,"

said Harry of the band's hiatus. "It's hard to keep putting out product

that's really good, and it really is hard work. And then you sort of

step back for a while, and then you get reinspired. That's what it takes."

Alumni of the same late-1970s New York scene that gave the world the

Ramones, Talking Heads and Patti Smith, Blondie built a career on slickly

crafted new-wave pop. The band scored consistent hits by combining Harry's

dry vocals and glamorous stage presence with a wide variety of styles,

from the straightforward guitar pop of "Dreaming" to the languid Latin-reggae

fusion of "The Tide Is High," to the proto-rap of "Rapture."

Guitarist Chris Stein talked about the "No Exit" tour in April: "We've

been doing all the crowd-pleasers; we're giving them what they want. I

think everybody's just interested in seeing the band and seeing Debbie.

We get a lot of kids who say they were too young to come to the shows

[in the '80s]. Five or six years ago it would have been a little horrifying

to play these songs over and over again. This time my own personal

attachment to them has changed."

The full track listing for Blondie Live is: "Dreaming," "Hangin'

on the Telephone," "Rapture," "Heart of Glass," "Shayla," "Union City

Blues," "Call Me," "Atomic," "Sunday Girl," "Maria," "The Tide Is High,"

"One Way or Another," "Rip Her to Shreds," "In the Flesh," "X Offender,"

"Boom Boom," "Screaming Skin," "Forgive and Forget" and "No Exit (Loud

All-Star Version)."

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