Not Your Basic Moms: Meet The Cast Of 'MTV's Pretty Little Mamas'

Nicole, Chandlar, Nikki, Alyssa and Cheyenne are bonding -- and bickering -- beginning on August 30

Nicole, Chandlar, Nikki, Alyssa and Cheyenne have "been through a lot" -- and now they are chronicling their story on the brand-new show MTV's Pretty Little Mamas.

"In this moms squad, we have each other's backs. Well, mostly..." Nicole declares in the clip above as the ladies bond -- and bicker.

But before viewers get to see the women (and their children!) up close and personal, get to know the San Diego-based crowd with the brief biographies below. And do not miss the inaugural installment of Pretty Little Mamas on Thursday, August 30 (three weeks from today!) at 9/8c.



The mother of little Noelle has to juggle graduate school, her social status and motherhood -- all while living at home with her parents and a full-time nanny. Nicole doesn't have the best track record with men, but hopefully her new boyfriend, Justin Bieber Michael, is the exception. He’s leaving a bad taste in everyone else’s mouth, but she insists she has found The One.



Chandlar, who had been exiled from the group for three years, has now found common ground with Nicole. She has a daughter Aubrey with her ex-boyfriend, who is paralyzed following a BMX accident; she's also having another child with Aaron, who is struggling with drug addiction. With life piling up, she needs her friends now more than ever.



Nikki is the newest member of the group, as she moved to San Diego for college after growing up in Singapore. But when she unexpectedly got pregnant with boyfriend Ryan and had her daughter Alaia, life took a little detour. With her blossoming modeling career and social media videos racking up views, can Nikki’s relationship with Ryan grow as strong as her YouTube channel?



Alyssa seems to have a perfect life: She’s about to graduate nursing school, she has a beautiful little boy Kayden and she's engaged to his father Brandon. But her mother’s failing health has thrown her life into chaos.



Cheyenne is the only married one of the group -- but with two kids, that doesn’t make her home life easier. Her husband Teli has a hard time keeping a job, and the clan is living at Cheyenne's dad's house (which is making life tough). Cheyenne will have to leave the nest and take control for the good of the family, but can she do it?

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