'Game Of Thrones' Shocker: These Pics Show Tyrion Meeting [Spoiler] In Season 5

Looks like Tyrion is making new friends in high places.

If you thought "Game of Thrones" was making big adjustments to the Cersei and Jaime Lannister storylines, just wait until you get a load of their little brother.

Brace yourselves for some big SPOILERS for "Thrones," and the "A Song of Ice and Fire" books, beyond Tyrion's dazzling dance moves:

Still here? OK, but you've been warned…

These new photos from the "Thrones" shooting location in Osuna, Spain, revealing some pretty major developments for the so-called "Giant of Lannister" — developments positioned to take both Tyrion and the show further away from George R.R. Martin's source material with each passing step.

As with Tyrion's adventures in the books, it appears that the Imp is very much in Essos, as far away from the Wild Wild Westeros as humanly possible. And just like the books, Tyrion has eventually made his way to Meereen.

Unlike the books, however, Tyrion has gotten as far up the food chain as the Mother of Dragons herself — Daenerys Targaryen.

That's Emilia Clarke and a very bearded Peter Dinklage, sitting one Hizdahr zo Loraq away from side-by-side, as they watch a duel play out in Meereen. That, my friends, is what any "Thrones" fan, book reader and non-reader alike, would describe as a BFD.

As it stands in the books, Tyrion and Daenerys have not come into contact. It seems all but inevitable, but it hasn't happened yet. Who knows the extent of their meeting in the scene pictured here, but it's nonetheless the closest to a conversation we've ever seen between Tyrion and Dany thus far, in any medium.

Here's something else to chew on, too. In the scene, Dany and Tyrion watch as gladiators battle each other in the arena — including none other than Jorah Mormont, Dany's former right-hand man, last seen leaving Meereen in exile.

In the books, Jorah and Tyrion's stories collide, the two of them traveling toward Meereen with different agendas: Jorah plans to hand Tyrion over to Dany as a sign of loyalty (seeing as she hates the Lannisters), and Tyrion… well, he's fairly aloof and disinterested at this point, still obsessed over his nightmarish final days in King's Landing.

But like Tyrion, Jorah has yet to pop back up on Dany's radar in the books; that's his intent, certainly, but it hasn't happened yet. It seems that both the Big Bear and Little Lion's stories are in for some twists and turns come season five, at least as far as the path laid out by the books is concerned.

What do you make of the latest "Game of Thrones" news?