7 Reasons Why Shailene Woodley Is Our Spectacular Now

She won an MTV Movie Award — and our hearts.

1. Because She Selfies With Fans

When Miss Woodley rocked up to the red carpet tonight, she not only paused for snaps for the paparazzi, she also took a series of selfies with a row of beside-themselves fans. Way to live in the (spectacular) now, Shay.

2. Because Her Hair Game Is Always On Point

Whether her locks are long 'n' flowing in "The Spectacular Now," swishing in a kicky ponytail in "Divergent," or sleek and slick in "The Fault In Our Stars," Woodley always manages to look follicular-ly flawless. What's next, Shailene, a mohawk? You can pull it off. I believe in you.

3. Because She Rocked This Dress

This frock is equal parts demure and dauntless. The cut says, "Hey, I'm classy," but the color, texture and peek-a-boo accent at the waist say, "I am down to jump out of a moving train -- and I will look damn good doing it."

4. Because She's Friends With John Green

Here's an awesome YA author just hanging with an awesome actress. Backstage. At the MTV Movie Awards. No big deal. This isn't anyone's dream or anything. Carry on.

5. Because She Was Just So Bad-Ass In This Clip

I'm already preparing myself for the inevitable tears, guys.

6. Because She Didn't Win 'Best Kiss,' But She Took it Graciously

Even though she lost the golden popcorn to Will Poulter, Woodley clapped and smiled with the best of them. What an amazing loser! (Not that you're a loser loser, Shay!)

Still, Woodley has plenty more smooches ahead of her on the silver screen -- Four! Gus! -- so I'm guessing she'll have another shot at the trophy come next Movie Awards. Start practicing your surprised face now, kid.

7. She Won Best Character And Shouted Out Strong Women

Woodley bested a litany of strong contenders in this fan-voted contest: Loki (from "Thor: The Dark World"), Katniss Everdeen ("The Hunger Games: Catching Fire"), Veronica Mars (from "Veronica Mars"), and Khan (from "Star Trek Into Darkness").

In the end, it was a veritable battle royale between Katniss and Tris, but, when push came to shove, the "Divergent" hero came out on top -- with 9 million votes, no less.

Yup, the people have spoken and they're saying Shailene is pretty freaking awesome.

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