Tom Hanks Is Releasing Several Short Stories Just For You

He's putting his typewriter collection to good use!

Tom Hanks is like a box of chocolates; you never know which version of the guy you're going to get.

The actor, director and producer recently added "short story writer" to his list of ever-growing credits, releasing the short story "Alan Bean Plus Four" through The New Yorker little more than a week ago. As it turns out, Hanks' tale of moon dreams was just the beginning of a new facet of his career, as he's announced that more short stories are on the way.

“I’ve been collecting typewriters for no particular reason since 1978 – both manual and portable machines dating from the thirties to the nineties,” Hanks says of his new short story collection in a statement, obtained by “The stories are not about the typewriters themselves, but rather, the stories are something that might have been written on one of them."

There's no word on what the short stories will contain, or when we can expect the collection to hit shelves; it'll be published by Knopf-Doubleday.

Needless to say, if "The High-Seas Adventures of The Dread Pirate Wilson the Volley Ball" doesn't make the cut, we will riot. At least, Hanks will owe Wilson a major apology.

That'll work. For now.

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