Someone Erected A Sidewalk Shrine To This Fallen 'Game Of Thrones' Character

"What is dead may never die."

And here we thought we were feeling all the possible feels over the "Game of Thrones" season finale, but clearly we've been out-emotioned. Because now there's an actual sidewalk shrine dedicated to a recently fallen (but maybe not actually dead, who knows) fan-favorite character.

Yes, really.

BEWARE of MAJOR spoilers below.


Jon Snow Sad Crying GIF

As you know (at least we hope you do because otherwise you shouldn't be reading this yet), Lord Commander of the Night's Watch Jon Snow took several knives to the middle on Sunday's soul-crushing Season 5 send-off, and a lot of people are taking the news pretty serious right now. Because, really, WTF.

But none is more bereaved by that brutal bye-bye scene than whomever is responsible for what we're about to show you.

Over in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, someone threw up a candlelit shrine to Jon Snow on the sidewalk at Bedford Ave. -- spoiler warnings be damned.

Innocently getting off the L at Bedford Ave and BAM! You can avoid the Internet, but you can't avoid spoilers.

— Debbie Saslaw (@butlikesrsly) June 16, 2015

"You know everything, Jon Snow," reads the vigil, which includes a framed photo of the lad looking extra pensive, a dog bone (for his dire wolf Ghost, we presume), and some fake white snow. "What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger" is written on the other side of the display, quoting a ritual prayer from the religion of the Drowned God on Iron Islands in the series.

And, judging by this video of a woman actually coming up and kissing the picture as she prayed to the Old Gods -- which ... wow -- people are responding to this sudden walk-along opportunity to say goodbye to the man who knew nothing. For now.

All we can say is: For the watch. Of TV, that is.