Not The Same

Resolver, Veruca Salt's third full-length album, finds itself minus band founder/co-frontwoman Nina Gordon. Gordon left the group in 1998 after a falling out with co-founder/frontwoman and former best friend Louise Post. But with Post and producer (former Filter member) Brian Liesegang in charge, fans can breathe a sigh of relief: Much of Veruca Salt's original, gritty rock vibe remains.

What is new is Post's breathy singing — "I am not the same as before," she whispers on the low-key opener, "The Same Person" — though her full-tilt screaming is still present on the disc. Accompanied by '80s-sounding rock guitars (Stephen Fitzpatrick) and drums (Jimmy Madla), Post alternates between pensive reflection and layered, "Seether"-esque strained choruses on "Born Entertainer" and "Wet Suit," while she slows things down considerably on the spacey, keyboard-driven "Imperfectly" and the mournful "All Dressed Up." Other gems include "Yeah Man," a pop-influenced, scornful look at a lover, while the closer, "Hellraiser," starts off as a tight, sultry melody before spinning into a dizzy mix of furious guitars and PJ Harvey-sounding screeches. Straddling the line between indie-pop and solid rock, Resolver's 13 tracks confirm Post's place as a lone frontwoman.