Is Kim Kardashian Trying To Sabotage Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit?

All signs point to yes, TBH

Mere hours after it was revealed that Kim Kardashian is entering the makeup industry, she visited Kylie's Lip Kit factory and promised to give all of Kylie's inventory away for free.


After showing off the inventory, Kim uttered a phrase that must've shaken Kris Jenner to her core: "free Kylie Lip Kits." She wasn't just talking about one or two kits, either -- nope, she says, "I'm giving all Kylie's inventory away for free." ALL!! One way to guarantee your competition fails? Cut off her source of revenue. Boom.

In case you weren't convinced this was blatant sabotage, please behold this tweet from Kylie.

Kylie wants answers, Kim. We all do!!!!!

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