Mila Kunis Goes Cold Turkey On 'WoW,' Dreams Of Pigtailed Mage Role In Movie

The Mila Kunis fans of the world are likely already aware of the fact that the spunky star was obsessed with playing World of Warcraft. So obsessed, in fact, that the "Black Swan" actress had to cut herself off and stop playing cold turkey.

"I'm off," she told MTV News recently when she stopped by our New York offices to discuss her new role in the Darren Aronofsky thriller. "I took it off the computer. I did. I didn't cancel my account, so I still have my little twinks running around, but I had to take it off," she said, then laughed at herself for sounding so distraught. "I feel like a drug addict talking about a drug."

Don't worry though, Kunis claimed she hasn't given up the game for good - she's just limited her own access to it.

"My account still stands, it's just I don’t have it on my computer when I travel," she said.

Fair enough. We know those who suffer from "WoW" affliction/addiction. The hardest part is recognizing the signs of extreme obsession, and then figuring a way to manage it. So bravo, Mila!

Regarding the "World of Warcraft" movie however, Kunis would have no problem jumping on board that project, if and when it happens.

"Hell yeah! I would do it, of all things," she exclaimed and then addressed what type of role she'd want. "I don’t know if I would want to be a big character in it," she said. "But I would totally want to run around as a little mage. Like a kick-ass mage. With pigtails? Mmmmm... Awesome!"

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