Beyoncé Just Signed Three Teen Singers From YouTube For $1.5 Million

Could we be looking at the next Destiny's Child?

Beyoncé isn't just in the business of making killer records herself. The queen of the Beyhive is also on the lookout for emerging talent -- according to the New York Post, she just signed three young girls to her Parkwood Entertainment Company based on their YouTube covers of her own songs.

Chloe Bailey, 17, and Halle Bailey, 15, are two sisters who live in Los Angeles. Their cover of "Pretty Hurts" racked up millions of views on YouTube and caught the eye of their idol's manager, who brought the girls' talent to Beyoncé herself. Now, they have a $1 million contract with Parkwood for up to six albums over the next five years.

Beyoncé also signed a New York-based singer named Sophie Beem, who is just 14 years old. Beem competed on "The X Factor" in 2012, finishing in the top 40. Now, she's scored a $560,000 contract with Parkwood.

Could one (or all) of these girls be the next Destiny's Child? Watch the Bailey sisters sing their contract-winning rendition of "Pretty Hurts" below and decide for yourself.

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