Taylor Swift's New Nickname Is Kind Of Creepy

Meet Ol' Dead Tooth.

According to Taylor Swift, this might be the "creepiest day of MTV history": The day she and Jack Antonoff revealed her nickname, "Dead Tooth," to the world. Wait. What?

"You call me 'dead tooth' more than you call me 'Taylor,'" Swift said to the the Bleachers frontman during our recent sit-down with the 1989 collaborators. Taylor chipped her tooth on a microphone during a show in Pittsburgh, so it's not a totally random moniker. (BTW, dudes, a chipped tooth isn't technically a dead tooth -- a dead tooth is a chomper in which a nerve has died. But, whatever, we won't let science get in your way, Jack.)


"I just thought it was so funny -- someone who really looked like they had their crap together -- to be called 'dead tooth,'" Antonoff said of why he decided to dub her something so borderline-offensive. "Doesn't it feel like the last thing that someone should call you? You just don't look like a broken individual."


We'd have to second that emotion -- because, you know, of her ability to SHAKE IT OFF. Watch all the randomness go down up yonder.


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