Ed Sheeran Is Definitely Not Sick Of Playing 'Shape Of You'

Look at this extremely stoked dude who's in love with your body!

Ed Sheeran's sheer joy may be partially inspired by the fact that "Shape of You" has made him the planet's streaming Spotify champion, but even if the single's popularity has nothing to do with it, one thing's clear: He loves to play every single damn note of his hit single, and he's definitely not afraid to show it.

For his taping of Austin City Limits, Sheeran busted out his biggest smash to date and sang through it as if he was playing the song for the very first time.

You'd think that he'd be tired of performing "Shape of You" given the zillions of hours he's spent rehearsing it and playing it both on the road and the major broadcasts of both the 2017 Grammys and the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards — but nah. At ACL, was dancing just as hard as the crowd at Austin's Moody Theater, breaking a sweat and hopping up on one of his monitors to get the room to sing along.

Just try to watch that all the way through without cracking a smile. You think you've heard "Shape of You" a gajillion and a half times by now, but this one's enough to sway even the most steadfast of Sheeran critics for a few minutes.

(I am also selfishly glad that I get to make my mom's day by replacing her very favorite video mash-up, because we've both now watched this clip of the Teletubbies dancing to "Shape of You" approximately 912 times, but that's another story.)