Swifties, You Can Fill In The Blank Yourself On Taylor's Next Official Single

'Blank Space' unapologetically takes on Taylor's instinct to rush into love head first.

Now that 1989 is officially out, Swifties everywhere have been picking their favorite tracks off Taylor Swift's pop star debut. I know tons of fans adore "Style" as much as I do, and it seemed like "Out Of The Woods" was also on its way to becoming a smash hit (insert snowmobile accident joke here).

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But Billboard reports that both "Out Of The Woods" and Taylor's tourism-touting "Welcome To New York" will remain non-radio singles, and her official follow up to "Shake It Off" will be the winking, kiss-off "Blank Space." The track is very Taylor in that it's boy crazy, confident and doomed from the start, you can listen below:

"Oh my god, look at that face / You look like my next mistake / Love's a game, wanna play?" goes a particularly quotable lyric that's already been making the rounds on Tumblr etc. While there's no specific Taylor romance tied to this song, it follows the structure that a lot of her romantic relationships seem to fit into: giddy, unrelenting emotion that ends in a tangled heap. But this time, Taylor acknowledges her own tendency to run into things head first, and she's come to terms with it.

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It shows her growing up and processing the way she's fallen in love and gotten hurt by going beyond specifics—and it's it's flat out brilliant pop song that firmly marks her territory in the genre. It features big booming drums and the synth-pop magic touch of her 1989 frequent collaborators Max Martin and Shellback.

She performed the track live at a New York 1989 secret listening session on Monday (October 27) and whether a positive reaction prompted this decision, or it was already written in stone, the track feels like the perfect follow-up to "Shake It Off," her second ever Billboard No. 1.

"Blank Space" will be officially released as a single on November 10.

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