'Friends' Is Coming Back To Stream, Just When You Needed It

How YOU doin', HBO Max?

We may have started 2020 without Monica, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Rachel, and Joey, but we sure aren't ending it the same way. Friends is about to return to streaming in a big way.

HBO Max is set to launch on May 27 with a variety of different shows, but most importantly, all 10 seasons of Friends will be up for you to binge after having been apart from your favorite New Yorkers for four months. Have you been brushing up on your trivia, at least?

But not only will you be able to look forward to every season of the classic sitcom returning to streaming after its untimely exit from Netflix, but there's a Friends reunion special on its way as well. The special won't be available at launch with the rest of the show, however, and will be making an appearance later this year. That's something to look forward to as 2020 continues to wreak havoc on our lives, though.

Until now, there hasn't been a great option for fans to stream their favorite show. It's either been purchasing all of the episodes on Blu-ray or DVD and watching physical media or snapping up Friends if and when there's a sale on iTunes so that it becomes portable. Digital retailers like Amazon Prime Video and iTunes have had several sales over the past few months, but typically each episode has been $1.99 and $19.99 per season.

HBO Max will launch for $15 a month, which is a bit pricey when compared to other services, such as Disney Plus and Peacock's $7 monthly, but there will be a free tier for viewers to watch that does include advertising. Still, $15 a month for all of the Friends you can watch is a great deal. Plus, you can take it with you again, just like the old days, when Netflix retained streaming rights.

For now, mark your calendars. It's time for your own reunion with your favorite Friends stars.

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