This Awesome Teen Took Her 80-Year-Old Grandfather To His First Prom

They were the first ones on the dance floor.

Joy Webb, a high school junior from Alabama, took a senior to prom. No, not a high school senior. An actual senior.

On Saturday (April 11), the 17-year-old proudly showed up at the dance with her grandfather James Drain -- she calls him Poppa -- on her arm. Drain, 80, never got to experience his own prom. Back in 1951, he enlisted in the Navy at age 17 and fought in the Korean War soon after.

Jackie Drain Webb / Facebook


"I think prom is kind of a big thing for everybody," Webb told Daily Mail Online. "Most everybody remembers going to their prom and I wanted [Poppa] to have that experience too."

After getting her school principal to make an exception for the dance's age limit of 21, Webb promposed to Poppa when he came over for dinner last month. The excited grandpa told WHNT News that Webb asked, "Hey, will you come to the prom with me and be my beau?" Of course, he said yes.

Their night started like all prom nights do -- with a boutonniere, corsage and pictures in front of the house. Then, they took a horse-drawn carriage through town after dinner. It was Drain's first prom and his first time wearing a tuxedo, so they had to go all out.


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Webb says they were the first ones on the dance floor once they arrived, and it sounds like they didn't stop until the music did.

"We were literally the only people left and they started playing Elvis and 'The Twist' and we kept on dancing until they finally turned the lights on," she told Daily Mail. "It was just a fabulous night."

Watch WHNT's full news report on the big night below:

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