Awww, Watch Destiny's Child Get Ready For Their First VMAs

Bb Beyoncé :')

The Video Music Awards are this weekend (!!!), and since we can't wait to see what goes down Sunday night, we decided to get in the VMA spirit by sharing this IN-CRED-I-BLE clip of Destiny's Child getting ready for their first show in 2000. Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams actually let our House of Style team behind the scenes while they got their hair and makeup done–and Molly Sims caught up with them after to get all the outfit details.

Considering Bey rarely talks to the press these days (I mean, hi, remember when she landed the September cover of Vogue without doing an interview?), seeing her goof off backstage with half-done makeup is truly adorable. Also, watching all three ladies struggle in their Tina Knowles-designed corsets and boots makes us love them even more than we already did—they really are just like us!

Watch the full vid above, and try not to get nostalgic for dem early 2000s glory days. PRAISE BEYSUS.