The Alternate Ending To 'Titanic' Is Magnificently Atrocious

Speaking of things that are better off at the bottom of the ocean...

If you thought that there could be no worse "Titanic"-related atrocity than the moment at which Rose, who could have totally made some room on that door for her waterlogged true love, let his frozen, lifeless body slip away into the depths of the Atlantic, then we're sorry to report that you had better brace yourself for the movie's alternate ending, which has finally made its way onto YouTube.

Because it is worse. It is so, so much worse.

This scene was apparently available as an extra on the "Titanic" DVD which came out in 2005, but the internet has only just become aware of it, to the internet's great dismay. In it, the elderly Rose is confronted by Bill Paxton and his band of bros just as she's about to drop the Heart of the Ocean into its watery grave -- thus giving her a chance to blow his mind with some hardcore grandma wisdom about the value of a life being measured in experience, not multi-million-dollar diamond necklaces. (Conspicuously missing: A followup scene in which Bill explains this life lesson to whomever funded his very expensive excursion into the icy depths of the Titanic wreckage in a submarine with robot arms.)

No matter how much the original ending of "Titanic" broke our hearts, you won't catch us complaining about it again. Watch the alternate ending below and tell us if you agree: