'Little Women' Is Coming To TV - But There'll Be Some BIG Changes

The March sisters are getting a serious makeover.

You might think you know the story of Louisa May Alcott's classic "Little Women," but The CW is going to shake sh-t up with its new take on the story of Marmee and her four girls.

According to Deadline, The CW has picked up a pilot script for a "Little Women" TV series redux, which takes the March gals (now half-sisters, BTW) and thrusts them into a dystopian version of Philadelphia where they're fighting for their lives against some huge conspiracy and otherwise warring with one another. Uh huh.

It sounds weird at first blush, but in all likelihood most of the major elements of the 1858 novel would fit neatly into such a so-called "hyper-stylized, gritty adaptation" -- like Beth's brush with scarlet fever, Amy's snatch-and-go with Jo's love interest Laurie, and the girls' constant disconnection from the cold, cruel society surrounding them. It's also not a stretch to imagine Pa might could still be off at war with little or no word to his family during the futuristic hellscape they're pitching here.

So, crazy as it sounds, we might be more than curious about this idea here, because there have been a slew of to-the-letter movie adaptations of the story we already know so well. Which means this twist could be quite fun like one of Jo's imaginative little attic plays.