Watch Emilia Clarke Sing Reggae In 'Game Of Thrones: The Musical'

'I'm a Rastafarian Targaeryen/ I got some dragons and they're very scary-en.'

Yes, Coldplay's "Game Of Thrones: The Musical" was worth the wait.

Because, as it turns out, Chris Martin is a real-deal, bright-eyed superfan of the seven kingdoms and all of their wayward occupants. So in honor of Red Nose Day -- NBC's fundraiser for children in poverty -- the Coldplay frontman went to great lengths to get the "GOT" kids together under one house (thanks to a little arm twisting courtesy of Kit Harrington, aka Jon Snow).

All their brainstorming -- and bickering, of course -- is what ultimately resulted in that "Still Going Strong" beat that gave Peter Dinklage mad bragging rights.

But it also led to this gem to outshine them all: Someone came up with the idea to put Emilia Clarke in a reggae hat and have her bust out a jam called "Rastafarian Targaryan," and it is literally everything.

We officially need zero more to be complete now.

Khaleesi GIF

Forgive us if this is burned into our brains forevermore. Because she is clearly winning the game, in many manners of speaking.