'Skyfall' Featurette Visits The Movie's Many Locations

In "Skyfall," much of the action comes home for James Bond. A new videoblog from the set of the movie details how the production has been impacted by the fact that the latest 007 project takes place in London.

Michael Lerman, the first assistant director on "Skyfall," narrates the new featurette about the various locations in the film. He talks about some of the places throughout Great Britain's capital that we'll see Bond travel.

"On this movie compared to the last one we have so many more locations actually here in London," he said. "We are shooting in the Underground, on main streets, down Whitehall we have a big action sequence -- just some really exciting places that we're looking forward to shooting."

But this wouldn't be a good James Bond movie without travel to other exciting locations. As we've seen in the trailer for the film, Bond has to venture to China and Turkey to try to resolve the crisis introduced in "Skyfall."

"Beyond London, we have Shanghai ,which is a really special city," Lerman explained. "It has such a great skyline and we really enjoyed our time scouting there. It's a really exotic Bond location."

He continued, "And then we have Turkey. We have a large opening sequence which involves a big car chase which then evolves into a shootout which then evolves into a motorcycle sequence where we're going down alleys through a spice market, up onto the rooftop, into a market bazaar and then in evolves into this big train sequence, so you can imagine the logistics of shooting a sequence involving so many vehicles."

"Skyfall" hits theaters on November 9.

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