Taylor Swift Wears Kanye West For 'Harper's BAZAAR Australia'


Taylor Swift wearing a Kanye West shirt for the April issue of "Harper's Bazaar Australia."

Photo: Courtesy of "Harper's Bazaar Australia"

We'll get right to the point. Taylor Swift is wearing a shirt designed by Kanye West in the April 2012 issue of Harper's Bazaar Australia. That's right, TAYLOR SWIFT is wearing KANYE WEST. Although we feel the urge to type it a third time just to make it all the more real, we'll spare you and get right into how we can hear the distant sound of a hatchet being buried. Not that Miss Swift is the type to hold a grudge, mind you. As you might remember, back during the 2009 VMAs, Kanye crashed Taylor's acceptance speech after she won an award for Best Female Video. It was a totally bananasville moment that he later apologized for, but not without some serious backlash from the music community and, well, everyone everywhere at large. There was a long healing period where each one expressed degrees of being over the incident, but now we have actual FASHION proof.

Looking gorge (as usual) with her natural blonde hair cascading over one shoulder, Swift wears a black KANYE WEST shirt (lawdy, there are chills every time it gets typed into the computer machine) underneath a sparkling Maison Martin Margiela kilim rug cape. It's a look that is both modern and sophisticated and—strangely—this photo actually gives you an idea of what we can expect from the KANYE WEST collection once it starts to make more appearances in mags and (finally) when it hits stores. We were first fans of this embossed black leather shirt at Kanye's Paris Fashion Week debut, and seeing it here makes us realize the quality is, indeed, fantastic. Maybe even better when worn by T. Swift. What we're trying to say here is A) this KANYE WEST collection shirt looks pretty awesome, and B) it also looks amazing on Taylor Swift. And she agreed to wear it because she's pretty awesome and fantastic. We think this speaks volumes.

But what do YOU think? Do you think Taylor Swift's decision to wear a Kanye-designed shirt means she and Kanye have put the past behind them? And what do you think Yeezy thinks of this?


Taylor Swift on the cover of the April issue of "Harper's Bazaar Australia."

Photo: Courtesy of "Harper's Bazaar Australia"

{via Harper's Bazaar Australia}

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