Selena Gomez And Charlie Puth’s Breakup Duet ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’ Is Here

This is one sunny-sounding breakup jam.

When Charlie Puth shared the first snippet of his new, Selena Gomez-featuring song “We Don’t Talk Anymore” last month, one thing was immediately clear: this was going to be an exceptionally happy-sounding breakup song.

Today, Charlie released the single in full, which finds the pair wistfully reminiscing about a past relationship and wondering where it all went wrong. But despite that heavy sentiment, the yearning lyrics juxtaposed against a breezy, tropical house beat ultimately make it a breakup jam you can sway along to. There’s no sense of doom or destruction here… though the way Selena and Charlie’s voices blend so beautifully together makes you wonder what might’ve been. Sigh.

Charlie told MTV News in December that he immediately thought of Selena for the song because of its personal and relatable message.

“I met up with Selena, and she went through a very public relationship, on and off, and she could just relate to the song and the lyrical sentiment,” he said. “I was playing the song for her, and she just started singing the second verse. I got chills. I was like, ’Oh my gosh, that sounds so real. You need to sing on it.’ And she said yes.”

“We Don’t Talk Anymore” appears on Charlie’s debut album Nine Track Mind, which arrives Friday, Jan. 29.

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