Hugh Jackman Thinks Ryan Reynolds Deserves All Of The Awards For 'Deadpool'

Oscar: You're on notice

As an actor with both an Oscar nom and a Golden Globe win under his belt, Hugh Jackman knows what it takes to clean up at any given fancy schmancy awards show — and that's why his endorsement of Ryan Reynolds's hilarious Deadpool performance right before the first big ceremony of the year is a big deal.

In an interview with Variety, Jackman — who first befriended Reynolds on the set of X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009 — had nothing but praise for his pal and fellow Marvel mutant-hero. He's a big fan of Deadpool, which is

" target="_blank">nominated for Best Comedy or Musical, and Reynolds, who scored a Best Actor nomination himself for his portrayal of the picture's foul-mouthed leading man.

"I’ve been out there campaigning," Jackman said. "I think he should be nominated for everything. That stuff is not easy, when you know how much of it he wrote himself and created to keep that tone. Hats off to him."

Get ready, Oscar, 'cause it's on after the Golden Globes are through if any members of the Academy are half the fan that Jackman is.

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