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Leaked Pink Songs Hint At A Rock-Heavy New Album

Five works in progress have made their way online.

Pink fans got a treat this week when snippets of five new songs, all works in progress, leaked onto the Internet. Even if these particular songs don't make the final cut for Pink's upcoming fourth album, they do give a sense of what direction she's going in -- and it's rock.

One track, allegedly titled "Cuz I Can," is an attitude stomp -- backed by a staccato beat -- declaring that Pink's back. In it, she not only announces that she's not playing by anyone's rules but her own, but she also throws out a few bling boasts, in case anyone was worried about the state of her checkbook ("I could fit your whole house in my swimming pool," "My ice is making me freeze").

Pink's attitude continues on the propulsive "You and Your Hand," an angry anthem for girls trying to get rid of grabby guys they don't want hitting on them. Pink tells off one such prospective suitor, ordering him to find satisfaction elsewhere because she'd rather dance by herself. "I'm not here for your entertainment," she cries in the chorus. "You don't really want to mess with me tonight." She turns him down with the withering lyric "Keep your drink, just give me the money/ It's just you and your hand tonight."

She also gives listeners a glimpse of her vulnerable side in the Butch Walker-produced "Long Way to Happy" (which would have worked just as well for Avril Lavigne or Kelly Clarkson), in which Pink muses about how and why she pushes people away. Not that she hasn't had her reasons, but she needs to move on, she realizes, as she wails, "I'm torn apart, but now I've got to keep on rolling."

The wistful "Who knew," which starts with a simple, uplifting guitar progression, takes the theme further as Pink misses a lost love, finding it amazing that she opened her heart as much as she did and hoping for a second chance. But lest fans think Pink's gone soft, she throws in a bit of spunk, reminding everyone that she still has a lot of fight in her: "If someone said three years from now, you'd be long gone/ I'd stand up and punch them out."

The piano power ballad "Nobody Knows" is what you might call her Mariah moment, because her voice gets to soar as it builds with each lament. Since all five tracks are rough mixes, they could end up sounding very different once they're polished up. Other songs Pink has recorded recently that were not leaked include "Dear Mr. President" and "Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)."

"Pink is finishing up her new album, which will be released later this year," label spokesperson Lori Berk said (see [article id="1496527"]"Pink Says The Fire Is Back And She's Pissed Off Again"[/article]). "Yes, she is working with Butch Walker, however, the titles of those tracks can't be confirmed yet."