Two Unreleased Lana Del Rey Songs Have Surfaced: 'Delicious' And 'Big Bad Wolf'

Listen to two unreleased Lana Del Rey tracks.

It's a great day for Lana Del Rey die-hards. No, Lana Del Rey wasn't appointed Queen of The United States Of America, but we're still holding out for that. The next best thing happened: two brand-new Lana Del Rey songs titled "Delicious" and "Big Bad Wolf" have surfaced. Well, perhaps "brand-new" is the wrong phrase since these tracks aren't so much "new" as they are "unreleased," but hey, we'll take it!

Listen to Lana Del Rey's unreleased "Delicious" and "Big Bad Wolf" after the jump.

First up is "Delicious," the perfect platform for LDR's breathy, Nancy Sinatra-esque vocals with some talk-singing that reminds us vaguely of Ke$ha. As she chews her way through "Delicious," Lana lays it out for everyone: "They’re disgusting / I’m delicious.” We're hearing a low production value on this one, so we're thinking the track is still living in Demo Land as much as we'd like it to live squarely in Realitysville.

Next is "Big Bad Wolf," a song that's far more savory than"Delicious." "Big Bad Wolf" has Lana crooning about wanting to be some dude's chick: “I heart you, and I wanna be your girl / I heart you, and you rock my world.” (Not exactly lyrical brilliance, but you're still singing "red, white, blue's in the skies, summer's in the air and baby, heaven's in your eyes," aren't you?)

As psyched as we are about Lana's new material, news of a new album remains hazy. Then again, as the new face of Jaguar cars, it's not like Lana's hurtin' for attention these days.

+ Listen to Lana Del Rey's unreleased "Delicious" and "Big Bad Wolf."

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