'Teen Mom 2''s Jenelle Reveals The Best Part Of Building Her Dream Home

During this week's episode, the young mother showed her new plot of land to family

Through the Teen Mom 2 years, Jenelle has moved from different residences quite often, never settling down in one place. But during this week's episode, the North Carolina resident and her beau David proudly showed off their recent long-term purchase: a peaceful and isolated plot of land on which to construct their perfect home.


"I'm really happy to get my family out there, land and a house that is going to be permanent for the rest of our lives," the mother of three recently told MTV News. "There are no boundaries and city limits -- the kids can go outside and do whatever they want. They don't have to worry about cars or traffic."

Now that it's a done real estate deal, what has been her favorite thing about making this abode from the ground up?

"The best part about building your dream home is you get to customize everything -- everything you have ever wanted," Jenelle enthusiastically revealed. "It's different from when you're little or you are renting places through the years. You can finally decorate a place and call it your own."

How will the final dwelling look -- and how will the clan come together as they make this project a reality? Be sure to watch Jenelle and her loved ones every Monday on Teen Mom 2 at 9/8c!

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