Pop Trio LFO Show Romantic Side On Latest Single

Group's 'I Don't Want to Kiss You Goodnight' follows playful hit 'Summer Girls.'

For LFO's Brad Fischetti, old-fashioned courtship is some of the most fertile ground for songwriting, as demonstrated by the pop group's new single, "I Don't Want to Kiss You Goodnight."

"It's about being on a date, and you're kind of walking to her door at the end of the night," Fischetti said Monday. "You're going to kiss her, but you don't want to because it means the night's over."

While the ballad (RealAudio excerpt) reveals the Orlando, Fla., trio's knack for romance, the group members have been known to lean more toward the playful side in their lyrics. Take "Summer Girls" (RealAudio excerpt), the first single from the trio's 1999 self-titled debut. It features the lines "New Kids on the Block had a bunch of hits/ Chinese food makes me sick."

But silly doesn't mean it can't be sincere, according to singer Rich Cronin.

"[Chinese food] makes me violently sick," he said. "I wrote that song, and everything in it means something — that's one of the more true statements in the lyrical content."

"If there were Chinese food in this room right now, he wouldn't be standing here, honestly," Fischetti said. "If there's Chinese food in the refrigerator, he won't eat anything in the refrigerator."

LFO, who are now based in Los Angeles, took a break from their current U.S. tour to perform "Summer Girls" at Arista Records' 25th anniversary concert, held in Tinseltown on Monday.

The group, which also features Devin Lima, was discovered by Lou Pearlman, the same man who launched the careers of Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync.