Ani DiFranco, Utah Phillips To Play Benefit For Activists' Children

Musicians will be joined by actors, poets and children of Rosenbergs, Judi Bari and Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Genre-defying singer/songwriter and guitarist

COLOR="#003163">Ani DiFranco, folkie activist

Utah Phillips and

singer/songwriter Holly

Near will join actor Danny Glover at the Celebrate the

Children of Resistance benefit April 29 in Berkeley, Calif.

The event at Berkeley Community Theater will feature music,

dramatic readings and poetry and is meant to be a tribute to social

activists' children, whose parents work toward social and economic

justice while raising children in safe, nurturing environments.

Along with Glover and Ed Asner, the children of several people

closely identified with social issues will be on hand. They'll include

Mazi Jamal, son of death-row inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal —

whose cause has been taken up by artists including

COLOR="#003163">Rage Against the Machine and

Mos Def — Lisa

Bari, whose mother, Judi, was active in fighting to preserve Northern

California's redwoods, and Robert and Michael Meeropol, the sons

of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

The proceeds will benefit the nonprofit Middle East Children's

Alliance and the Rosenberg Fund for Children.

Phillips, with whom DiFranco recently collaborated, is a legendary

fixture of the folk-protest movement spawned by

COLOR="#003163">Woody Guthrie and

COLOR="#003163">Pete Seeger. Glover is Goodwill

Ambassador for the United Nations Development Fund, an

organization focused on eradicating economic disparity and

advancing the rights of women.

Tickets are now on sale. For ticket information, call the MECA office

at (510) 548-0542 or email