L7's Donita Sparks

Singer/guitarist Donita Sparks is a member of L7, the female punk-rock quartet that helped set the stage for the "riot grrrl" movement in the '90s.

Sparks was born April 8, 1963, in the Chicago suburbs. She formed L7 in Los Angeles in 1985 with singer/guitarist Suzi Gardner, singer/bassist Jennifer Finch, and drummer Anne Anderson (Dee Plakas became the drummer in 1990).

L7's roaring guitar music, laced with feminism, and Sparks' penchant for stripteasing brought them a strong cult following in the '90s. Bricks Are Heavy (1992), featuring "Pretend We're Dead," was a modern-rock hit. They issued Hungry for Stink before joining the Lollapalooza tour in 1994. Last year's Slap-Happy featured cuts such as "Livin' Large" (RealAudio excerpt) and "Crackpot Baby."

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