'Twilight' Is Getting A New Edition For Its 10th Anniversary -- Here's What Bonus Content We're Thirsty For

We're sparkling with excitement over this news.

It's been almost 10 full years since Stephenie Meyer's dreamy vision of a vampire-human love affair in the meadow became a typeset reality in "Twilight," the first installment of her four-book-film-film-international-phenom "Saga" which originally hit shelves on Oct. 5, 2005.

But the series promised its super devoted fanbase "Forever," and it looks like forever is what we're getting because, yes, even more "Twilight" is on the way.

To celebrate the first book's big birthday, publisher Little Brown will be releasing a new edition of the first book featuring some mouthwatering bonus content that's sure to have all the hearts aflutter -- and we have a few requests.

"Midnight Sun."

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Twilight Edward Cullen

Stephenie Meyer's unfinished version of Edward Cullen's perspective of the first novel has never been published -- except online, unlawfully and then on Stephenie Meyer's own site. But she has never closed the book on the story completely -- it was put "on hold indefinitely" but never cancelled. So, perhaps this edition could include the draft -- or even, gasp, a completed vision of the new spin? (Hey, we know it's a long-shot, but dare to dream, right?)

Or maybe even a new perspective?

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Twilight lunch table cafeteria Cullens

Even if Meyer isn't feeling up to the task of finishing her first Edward Cullen perspective effort (understandable) there are still a lot of other fan-favorite characters to mind-mine from -- like, say, Alice Cullen. We still haven't gotten to see, from her written perspective, exactly how those visions work. As much as Steph loves her, we're totally betting on Alice.

Charlie and Renée, a brief history.

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Charlie and Renee

"Breaking Dawn - Part 1" showed us just how freakin' cute the former Swans must have been together. It might be a little sadspice, sure, but a backstory on Chief Swan and the former Mrs. would be adorable all the same.

Deleted scenes?

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Twilight Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

It's very possible that the first "Twilight" edition included some material that got snipped out in the editorial process for length's sake, but now we can totally feast on that. Bring. It. ON.

"It's amazing to me that ten years have passed since 'Twilight' was first published," Meyer said in a statement. "For me, this anniversary is a celebration of the fans, with all of their incredible passion and dedication. I'm excited to get to spend time with them again."

The hardcover edition will be released on Oct. 6, with the paperback version following on Oct. 27.

To promote the release, Meyer will attend New York Comic-Con for an event and autographing session on Thursday, Oct. 8 at 1:45 p.m. EST, and she will also speak with MTV News' Josh Horowitz for a special "After Hours" episode devoted to the 10th Anniversary of "Twilight" and the new edition of the novel that the entire world sunk its teeth into.

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