'American Horror Story: Cult' Might Have Just Revealed Evan Peters's Creepy Clown Look

First 'AHS' ruined clowns and now it's ruining bubble baths. Is nothing sacred?!

American Horror Story: Cult hasn't even premiered yet, and I'm already having nightmares. I don't know what I was expecting from the seventh installment of Ryan Murphy's creepy anthology series, but a sadistic clown cult was definitely not it.

FX released the first official teaser and poster for AHS: Cult on Thursday (July 27), and as per usual, they're both characteristically morose and frustratingly vague. The teaser, titled "Bubble Bath Preview," shows a woman in clown makeup submerged under water in a gross, yellow bubble bath. When she pops her head up, she opens her mouth and eyes to reveal... nothing. All orifices are vacant. In the background, you can hear chanting, most likely from all of those creepy clowns. It sounds like they're chanting, "Holy, holy, holy." Perhaps this is the cult's version of a baptism, where members wash away their former selves and are reborn anew?

The network also dropped the first poster of the season. This one really leans in to the hive-mind behind a cult.

While information on the forthcoming season is sparse, here's what has been revealed about Cult: Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson play lovers named Kai and Ally, and the season kicks off the night of the most recent presidential election. Murphy teased their punk-rock looks on Instagram, calling their romance "a love story for the ages." Murphy has previously said that Cult will be Peters's "heaviest season yet," and given what we found on the season's interactive website, it looks like Peters's character Kai will be swept up in this clown cult business.

Each week, AHSCult.com will unlock more information about the season. This week the site revealed a few members of the cult, including this guy with the blue hair, also known as No. 82456. Could this be Kai? His eccentric hair color certainly fits the bill.


AHS: Cult

I don't know what's creepier: all of this clown nonsense or hearing an ominous voice say things like, "You must surrender everything, especially your fear." Anyway, here's some of the Twisty-inspired Season 7 concept art I unlocked. This is shaping up to be a WILD season.

American Horror Story: Cult premieres September 5, 2017 on FX.

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