Laverne Cox's 'The T Word' Enlightens And Inspires A Hopeful Audience

Social media sentiments shared full support for the transgender community.

Tonight (October 17) the world witnessed the premiere of MTV and LOGO TV's "Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word", a documentary following seven transgender youths and revealing their trials and triumphs. The revolutionary special was followed by an hour-long open forum discussion with the stars of the show where they were able to dive deeper into their struggles and answer fan's questions.

A heartwarming and celebratory response was echoed throughout the Internet in gross support of the T community.

Tears were streaming.

A community was empowered.

Hope was running rampant.

Here’s What Is Not OK To Ask Your Transgender Friends — And What Is

The uninformed were enlightened and inspired.

Accolades were awarded.

And the brave group who spoke out were met with a Twitterverse of hope and support.

Missed the special? That's okay, you can watch the full episode now:

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