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22 Instagrams That Misunderstood #FoodPorn

Feeling hungry? Anyone?

Pictures of food are great ... when they're done properly. That perfect pot roast in a magazine and that still shot of a juicy burger on TV didn't happen by accident. Food stylists (seriously) carefully construct and frame food to make it look as appealing as possible.

Now anybody with a smartphone can snap a picture of some soggy french fries, share it with the world and tag it #FoodPorn. Most of these folks have severely misunderstood what constitutes good-looking food (or else they watch really messed up porn). Here are Instagram instances where #FoodPorn did NOT belong.

This box has remained unchanged since 1992. The contents have possibly been frozen since 1992 as well.

The world's saddest ToastHenge.

Really? Just a cup of freakin' cashews? Stop.

Spaghetti and meatballs is arguably the best food ever. How can it look SO unappealing?

This looks like a bunch of delicious food fell through an industrial fan, and was then photographed on an autopsy slab.

A lot of Instagram fitness "gurus" desperately try to convince their followers that they looooove their low-carb, low-flavor versions of junk food. But these look like cow pies, and that's funny.

No. Your poop-assisting yogurt is not #FoodPorn.

The cherry tomatoes look like they're trying to escape.

An ideal meal when you're pulling an all-nighter. Not much of a photograph.

Haggis: The Food So Gross You Only Eat It On A Dare.

It's not even food, just #BagPorn.

Is that Ghost Meat? Do ghosts have meat?

On the real, ceviche has the biggest gap between "tastes amazing" and "looks like something your cat puked up." It's just bad PR for ceviche. You deserve better, ceviche. #StopPhotographingCeviche2015

Yuck, dude.

What happened to you, little muffin? Why are you so deflated and sad?

On the upside, "Blurry Chowder" is an EXCELLENT band name.

Beige food is just gross.

Legit question: does green juice look the same going out as it does coming in?

This does not look good.

"Plasticize" filter?

Just straight-up orange juice. Try harder.

Finally, we end on literal #FoodPorn.