Rumors Of The Lost Ark: Robert Pattinson Is NOT The New Indiana Jones

He probably doesn't even hate snakes!

With Reporting by Josh Horowitz

If Robert Pattinson has a fear of snakes, he won't be making it known on the big-screen anytime soon.

Pattinson, who stars in this weekend's new thriller "The Rover," was recently linked to the lead role in an "Indiana Jones" reboot — but those rumors have been greatly exaggerated. Speaking with MTV News about his work in "The Rover," Pattinson clarified that he's absolutely not planning on cracking the whip and raiding any lost arks anytime soon.

"No," he said about the "Indiana Jones" rumors, clearly amused at the prospect. "I didn't even know they were rebooting it!"

Pattinson flat-out denied the rumors, but it's far from the first time he's been connected with high-profile, fan-favorite roles. Not long ago, back when "Daredevil" was still at Fox, Pattinson was rumored to be a contender to play the Man Without Fear — a notion that some diehard Marvel fans did not take lightly.

"People just [make rumors up] so I get bad press afterwards," he laughed. "'Hey, how about you play Jesus!' 'No, he should just die!' Great, thanks man."

For now, Pattinson remains full speed ahead on picking projects that are a bit left of center. He was the star of David Cronenberg's surreal thriller "Cosmopolis," playing an egomaniacal Wall Street wizard with a very bad haircut. In "The Rover," Pattinson plays another character with a curious hairstyle: the short-shaved Rey, a dimwitted low-level criminal trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic Australian outback.

Would you have wanted to see Pattinson play Indiana Jones?

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